Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Amazing Labrinth

The title of this post came to mind because i can see and feel a superhero persona emerging with every new thing i see of his! Labrinth, if you do not already know is simone cowel's (yes xfactor simone) portege and first no tv show sinign since the last blue moon. Oh but where do you recognise the name labrinth from? Let me refresh your memory!

Lab's Acklonedgment on tv as his name is on the track!

now if you are around as kool as me you will no this brother from before!!

Thats right my fellow koolios we are talking about the same labrinth, the same guy that produced and helped launch master shortie!!

yes thats right Labrinth was the force behind master shorties album A.D.H.D. He produced almost all of the album!

The future of this genius.......certainly a bright one!
jus look at this.........

peace x

Friday, 10 September 2010

Enter the Beats which are......Broken

Brokenbeat in my eye is one of the most mis-concieved Genre of music of all time which is why i am going to open you mind and ears to this expremiental ear Candy!!

First lets start with a video explaining a bit of it for you!

"Brokenbeat is music that doesnt comprimise to the norm" I think this is a great description.

I was lucky my friend was one of the first to jump on the house vibe as it evolved to become funkyhouse! and under his influence i seached and downloaded a funky house compilation which i heard another the version!

Wait what! Do i hear you say you recognise that beat fomr somewhere? Yes yes believe me you do!!
let me give you 3 clues!

1.............are you gonna bang
2.............are you gonna bang
3.............are you gonna Bang!!!

So you hear where im going with this!
Mis conception how ever im pretty sure its all in vain! i mean what kind of sick person would want to strip broken beat of the credit it should get.
i mean look at the inspiration it has had on other music.

Well done now new Brokenbeat students you have now acquired the skills needed to identify broken beat music now go enjoy your self and i bid you farwell with this classic anthem!!

(Do not be fooled by the Date this video waas uploaded it is a re-release. It was originaly released in 2003! This was most likely due to the sudden popularity rise of Funky ouse music which bye now you can see is a 1st cousine to broken beat!

If its not Broken ...then dont try to fix it!

And If it IS Broken...........................just leave it!
Whilst talkign to a fellow producer today i realised where my inspiration came from for my Cardiac Vision Beat! I was from this master piece produced by 4 Hero and Vocaled by the groovy Lady Alma.
4 Hero is a production duo fresh out of North west london and is recognised by broken beat pilgrims as one of the pioneers of Brokenbeat music as well as DnB!! I would be excited about dieing with that title!
Personaly Brokenbeat is the rythm that my heart beats so it was not a surprise when i uncovered this link between this and my music. The song is taken from 4 heroes album Creating patterns released in 2001!!

Even MJ be getting down to this tune!!

Get down with this electric Remix by Bugz in the Attic!!!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Moovement!! (rough)

Yooo what out for the movment track are emerging!!
Commercial Experiment! by D'Volatist

Wiz Khalifa!!

Wiz Khalifa along with lil wayne and kid cudi are rumoured the 3 biggest herb smokers in rap!! We are talking Veterans here So when you do Roll up a cloud try out this tune! Come join u on the clouds.....

Every things better hen your high!!!
My friend described this tune to me as a sex song...............that you could kick back and blaze to!!

The sample in the next tune will make you cry!

Yes wiz knows how to highten
pe your already altered staight of mind!
peace x

The Experiments So Far!

My Experiments so far!!

Latest tracks by D'Volatist


Im simply posting this because it is just the Koooolest thing to rape my ear holes I must have Roger Moore's dick in my ear!!

I wish i produced this!! lucky you just blaze!!

AudioSurf (The new Space invaders)

I Remember hearing about this baby ages ago and for some reason my ears did not comprehend jus how super kool this game is! The basics of it is that you upload a song into the age and as you can see the tracks you surf along move vigerously and softly corresponding to That of the track!! Then you got different ypes of games!
one where you just got to colect blocks and avoid boulders and the other where you have to collect blocks of the same collour and line them up for points!!
But yes as we take in this infomation aboout the game for most of us one thing comes to mind!!

you can buy this game i suggest you do because even with all my pirating ablities i wasnt able to aquire a cracked version :(
This game is avaiable on iphones!!

So i leave you with this question If this game catches on could it be the space invaders of our time?

Huddson Mohawke!!

I finaly check out this bruddah after the 5th or 6th time hes name was mentiond momentaraly after conversations about flying lotus and along side illumsphere!!
and believe it or not this Mohake resides in Glasgow!! Yes scotland for those not sure! Shamefully i my self was surprised such music came out of the U.K.
This track was taken of His mixtape hudson Heeters realeased in 2005, which also contains his famous beat Overnight (Bottom Video). This is one guy to deffinelty check out!

This game is called audio surf and aint is just the koolest thing ever (read next post)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Technorati confirmation

Everybody should do this!!
those who know!
peace x


New Experiment [Another Perspective]

Hey guys here is an experiment from me heavily influenced by flying lotus and samiyam. I do not know what came over me when i was producing this but i am loving it!
Peace x
Another Percpective by D'Vo

Ever Wished you could have moon shoes?

Well now youve got them!.......well you could have acquired them over two years ago!
Nothing new here although i am new to the disovery of them! I was conversing with a friend of mine and we were syaing how we love how the bea builds up to the chime-ish bells But hate how you only hear it once then you gotter wait for the beat to build up again!! O_o however it does keep me rewinding up the tune!! What do you guys think?
Peace x

Orgasms when the high pitched bells come in!

New Flying lotus Video!!! MmmHmm [cosmogramma]

Yes i am a little late comeing to post this video now. Nevertheless it has bin a long time coming and about bloody time flying lotus realeased a video as he is regarded by many as the frontman for this style of alturnative music. He was the first one i was introduced to. I already digg the song and the visuals only reinforce this initial opinion. event he random parts like the supermario / mega man style gaming bit gives my a laugh. Onwards Fly lo, Onwards!!

width="640" height="385">
Close your eyes and fly with me...

Fuck You!!

Yes i said Fuck you! And so does Cello Green wth his new song.....yes you guessed it need i repeat my self! I am loving this sound ceelo is pushing.

A song most of us guys can relate to. Well done ceelo weldone.

This song also lead to my discovery that genius Bruno mars was a established producer and song writer before the jet set of his solo career with nothing on you. The name of this production TRIO that have bin owning the air waves for the past year or so is......The Smeezlingtons! Certainly something too keep your eyes and ears on.
peace x

Now i know i said 5 months ago Bruno Mars was the SHIT!

However i was yet to find out bruno mars in really some EPIC SHIT!
The authenticy and creativity flows out of this geezer like body oder!!
and now my nose has really picked up the smell, i eagerly await to purchase his album in NOVEMBER!!

Touche Mr Mars

New Experiment [Cardiac vision]

He guys here is the outcome of yesterdays experiment. Ive already got a singer in mind for this one here! Stay tuned.
peace x

Cardiac Vision by D'Vo

The Experments so far!!

Hello and hi curious readers!

Since im only now really trying to push out my music here is a taster of me.
follow me on my sound cloud to keep updated with the music i produce and other projects first!!

Latest tracks by D'Vo

Testing 1...2

Hey guys

This is Me D'volatist's Official personal blog!!
What this space for the lates updates on my music and
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