Sunday, 24 October 2010

Kanye wests Movie RUNAWAY

Yess yess Kanye has finally dropped his movie the run way yesterday while most of us were out partying. Now as you would expect from the artist it is a very abstract movie directed by none other then mr west himself and the sound track is compiled of the song to go on his album My dark twisted fantasy which i to be released on the 22nd of november. This movie is a nice little preview tease on what we can expect from west on this date if it does not get delayed of course.

This movie i certainly one to watch. the simplicity of it makes it not to mind boggling to follow and at the same time the way the movie is (as i would describe) spaced out. it is one that every one can interpret in their own personal way.

Mr Mac Miller

Mac Miller!!
If you didn't know like me do not worry you are not too late!

This charming cheeky rapper Hails from the same state as musical peer and often compared to, Wiz Kahlifa. Starting out rapping with just a couple friend. "Smoking weed and seeing how long they can go on rapping for",was the activity that helped him develop his skill as he said these sessions would last all night. Hes been known for a hot minute i woul say since the release of K.I.D.S which stands for Kick Incredibly Dope Shit.
Jump on this wave he is the new buzz you can download his Mixtape the High life from this link bellow:

And the Mixtape K.I.D.S which features the songs Nikes on my feet and Kool aid and frozen pizza!


Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Social Network

Apologies for this blog being in-active for a couple weeks but this is due to me settling in my new course and job but worry not!
i am back an man have i got a lot to show guys so just sit tight!

A token of appreciation to those who urged me to continue the blog. Here apparently this is a good film I'm gonna watch it now! let me know what you think!
This is an alright version want a better one...............o watch it in the cinema!!