Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mr Mac Miller

Mac Miller!!
If you didn't know like me do not worry you are not too late!

This charming cheeky rapper Hails from the same state as musical peer and often compared to, Wiz Kahlifa. Starting out rapping with just a couple friend. "Smoking weed and seeing how long they can go on rapping for",was the activity that helped him develop his skill as he said these sessions would last all night. Hes been known for a hot minute i woul say since the release of K.I.D.S which stands for Kick Incredibly Dope Shit.
Jump on this wave he is the new buzz you can download his Mixtape the High life from this link bellow:

And the Mixtape K.I.D.S which features the songs Nikes on my feet and Kool aid and frozen pizza!


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