Wednesday, 29 June 2011

JSBL||Big Kariba..

..Ok a couple updates..
D'Vo shall NOT be featuring on Misfit Maximus..
No i did not find out until a friend sent me a picture of the final track list either..
On a + note..
For those who have not noticed i've installed a chat box which is now on the right of the blog..
Post requests and questions and ideas there..
Give me 2 comments and i shall upload 2 more songs to the 2+2 feedback release..

Every Tuesday shall be posting a Favourite of tunes that has been sent to me via my Sound cloud widget on the left (scroll down a little and oops there is is)..
Of course this can only work with you guys contribution..

Back to the music..

I came across this when my phone was on shuffle so imagine how i embarrassed myself on the train..
Yes i have bin raving about this tune a bit (those who have my personal facebook)..
This tune is a monster..
The geniuses behind this is Austrian funk band JSBL..
JSBL = Jacob's Salty and Bamboozling Ladder..

I highly recommend you listening to the Snippet on soundcloud first..

JSBL - Big Kariba [Snippet] by affine records

I love the repetitions with changes in the background..
It keeps you on your toes for the Atomic chorus..

Now listen to how they mash it up live..
And how they further enhance the Build up and the impact the chorus has on you face..

P.S you see their beautiful keys player..
I shall be going into him in further posts..
Big up if you already know who he is..

I swear this would be my music If i had some more theory knowledge..
triple heart points..

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ohhhh Myyy Daaayyyzz!!

Those were the words i commented on this song Young turks posted on facebook wall!!
If you don't know who young Turks are, they are the record Label housing names like SBTRKT and Jamie xx..
Yes i'm doing my research :)..
as for this song..
well all i can tell you is the artist is The Clonius & sixtus Preiss..
I have a bit of research to do myself but i just had to get this song out there ASAP..
I mean..
look at the amount of views its got..

Let this one ease in..
Then when it hits you...
and puts your brains on the wall..
you will appreciate it so much..

Double heart point for this one..
P.S I've bin launched into new catalogue of artists (new to me anyway) so stay tune folks *cue loony tunes outro*

SBTRKT - SBTRKT (Self Titled)..

This one caught me totally off guard..
i need to get back into the loop with up coming releases..
Released yesterday(27th June), I would highly recommend this album for any one..
it has a vast variety of genre fusions..
This guys is all about pushing boundaries..
I think this album will be a good step for instrumental music as well as i know SBTRKT has hit quite a wide audience..

A couple Favourites of the album..

I didn't really like dig drakes verse so here is the original. The pitch up harmonies are bliss..


Monday, 27 June 2011

F*@#ing Dibia$e..

Holy Dibia$e..
I am l8 on this one..


Shadez The Misfit - Misfit Maximus..

Shadez the Misfit's Mixtape: Misfit Maximus is finally dropping 1st July!!
Look out for D'Vo's feature on it too..
Yeah really..

Here is a little taster from the Misfit..


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Daisuke Tanabe:CDR Session 10/07..


This guy is going to be headlining this CDR session 10/July at Plastic People..
Daaam im excited..

Big love for this song..

Monday, 20 June 2011

Gold Panda - You..

...Just as i was wondering what i was gonna post to day my good neon banana headed friend introduced me to this..

And look at this guy go live..
I'm currently looking into how i'm gonna approach live shows..
I dont want to be plain old boring now..


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cyhi Da Prynce Ft Big Sean - Woopty Doo..

The other day me and brother verse were saying how they achieved a positive tune...verry positive without it being cheesy..
Nice execution Cyhi & Big Sean..
Big up No I.D & Kanye..
Big up Brother Verse..


Friday, 17 June 2011

Frank Ocean|| Novacane Video..

I've been w8ing for this i just couldn't see how he wouldn't release music visuals for this..
Though i saw a lot of potential and was expecting a story lined type music visual..
i can't lie this is pretty damn cool especially toward the end..
i admire the approach..
warning: you may if you are high watching this you are not overdosed..
Personal Favourite from the album <3..


< 3..

Shot during the riot after the hockey game in vancouver, canada..

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Ok ok people put down your sticks and burning planks of wood for a second..
That life sized chris brown doll too..
I was hyping up my self before i even watched and thought twice about this..
To be fair chris brown did good on it.. 
I personally prefer the chorus but thats me..
and thinking twice about this..
This means that our scene is gonna get a lot more notice (Potential curious viewer: who is hudson mo.. let me go check him out..)..
Plus chris brown gets too look like a mega cool hipster so everyones happy!!
Ok now whats your thoughts?.

The Beat is called Rising 5 (One of my personal favourites from Hudson's album: Butter)

Kudos to Specs'Spectacle on the Heads up..

Monday, 13 June 2011

New feedback Tape Track..

This one is from South Carolina Mc Munk da Villain..
Hit him up..

Let me know your Thoughts..

Mellow Hype - 64..

Mellow hype put out a new tune..
Notice they have 32 videos uploaded on their youtube..

I honestly felt that the live version bellow sounded better so i was a little let down!


2562 - Dinosaurs..

Just listen..


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Samiyam New Album..

I apologies for the lateness of this post..
But if you still have not heard this album listen now!!..
I personally feel in 5 years this will be LEGENDARY!

Here are some of my favourites and the video at bottom is a mix of the entire album..


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Jerome Thomas - The Return Train Home..

Just wow..
Thank wolverine for passing this one on to me..
Watch this space..


Mikill Pane Summer in The City Music Video..

This guy never fails to make me smile! Back again with a summer tune that we british people can really relate to!!
Have a listen and follow this dudes twitter @MikillPane GUARANTEED to make your twitter lives Funnier or you can get you follow back!!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Specs'Spectacle - Just Began..

I really don't know how much longer this lyricist can hold his disguise as a rapper..
The Factory must be proud..

Specs'Spectacle - Just Begun Freestyle by Specs' Spectacle

Monday, 6 June 2011


I feel that more could have been done with the potential that they had. However Big ups for doing his thing..

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

My Typical Weeknd..

I feel so happy to be able to say that here is one video that did not crumble under the weight of my anticipation built up from the video..