Wednesday, 29 June 2011

JSBL||Big Kariba..

..Ok a couple updates..
D'Vo shall NOT be featuring on Misfit Maximus..
No i did not find out until a friend sent me a picture of the final track list either..
On a + note..
For those who have not noticed i've installed a chat box which is now on the right of the blog..
Post requests and questions and ideas there..
Give me 2 comments and i shall upload 2 more songs to the 2+2 feedback release..

Every Tuesday shall be posting a Favourite of tunes that has been sent to me via my Sound cloud widget on the left (scroll down a little and oops there is is)..
Of course this can only work with you guys contribution..

Back to the music..

I came across this when my phone was on shuffle so imagine how i embarrassed myself on the train..
Yes i have bin raving about this tune a bit (those who have my personal facebook)..
This tune is a monster..
The geniuses behind this is Austrian funk band JSBL..
JSBL = Jacob's Salty and Bamboozling Ladder..

I highly recommend you listening to the Snippet on soundcloud first..

JSBL - Big Kariba [Snippet] by affine records

I love the repetitions with changes in the background..
It keeps you on your toes for the Atomic chorus..

Now listen to how they mash it up live..
And how they further enhance the Build up and the impact the chorus has on you face..

P.S you see their beautiful keys player..
I shall be going into him in further posts..
Big up if you already know who he is..

I swear this would be my music If i had some more theory knowledge..
triple heart points..

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