Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ohhhh Myyy Daaayyyzz!!

Those were the words i commented on this song Young turks posted on facebook wall!!
If you don't know who young Turks are, they are the record Label housing names like SBTRKT and Jamie xx..
Yes i'm doing my research :)..
as for this song..
well all i can tell you is the artist is The Clonius & sixtus Preiss..
I have a bit of research to do myself but i just had to get this song out there ASAP..
I mean..
look at the amount of views its got..

Let this one ease in..
Then when it hits you...
and puts your brains on the wall..
you will appreciate it so much..

Double heart point for this one..
P.S I've bin launched into new catalogue of artists (new to me anyway) so stay tune folks *cue loony tunes outro*


  1. This tune is is SO ILL!!!

  2. I actuly h8 the fact that is anonymous but yes it is!!