Thursday, 22 March 2012

4Hero Hold It Down|| D'Vo Live Remix..

Happy 22nd folks,
It has been a month now since i released 2+2=22vol.2.. and i wanted to take this day to say thank a lot for all the support individuals, blogs and internet radio station have been giving me. I appreciate the love and so i thought on this special day i would give some sugar back!
Heres a new remix I've done of one of my have broken beat tunes Hold it down by 4Hero!

Wait whats that?..
There is a forthcoming D'Votreat??..

Ha ha for those who are not too familiar with broken beat i have written out a article that will guarantee a pretty good understanding by the end of it i hope!
Enter the Beats which are....Broken

Oh and Lastly I am considering doing a video of my doing this remix, like melo x's remix videos..
Should I..

Handle With Love..

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mes Enfants|| Locals..

Mes infants
Mes infants the producer from Denver, U.S sent me a track he had just uploaded to sound cloud just over a week ago. I had a listen and was shocked by what i was hearing! However,being  caught up in the midst of promotion of my new e.p and documentary I did not get a chance to explore his page.
This dude has crazy talent and good ear for creating something fresh sounding.
Be sure to check out Mes Enfant's Tumblr As well to get an insight into this expressionists influences.
And do you know what the best part is?!
This dude is only 14!!!

Here Are a couple of my fave tracks..

If this Mes Enfants harnesses his talent in a couple years he could give folks a run for their money..
Handle with love..

I Am D'Vo|| The Factory|| Documentary..

Hey guys heres documentary on me giving a little insight to who i am and things i am involved in.
i hope you enjoy it.

Handle with love..