Thursday, 22 March 2012

4Hero Hold It Down|| D'Vo Live Remix..

Happy 22nd folks,
It has been a month now since i released 2+2=22vol.2.. and i wanted to take this day to say thank a lot for all the support individuals, blogs and internet radio station have been giving me. I appreciate the love and so i thought on this special day i would give some sugar back!
Heres a new remix I've done of one of my have broken beat tunes Hold it down by 4Hero!

Wait whats that?..
There is a forthcoming D'Votreat??..

Ha ha for those who are not too familiar with broken beat i have written out a article that will guarantee a pretty good understanding by the end of it i hope!
Enter the Beats which are....Broken

Oh and Lastly I am considering doing a video of my doing this remix, like melo x's remix videos..
Should I..

Handle With Love..

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