Sunday, 30 January 2011

So wait!! Italy can have shows like this but London cant!!? :/ :(

Nice on Johnny boy..

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Try not to Nod your head!!!

That was what i was told. i Dont even need to say what happned.
Oliver day soul!! this guy is my maaan! First came across him in his features on hudson mohawkes album Butter. Since then ive heard he is working on a release for this year so keep you ears wide open peoples!!

Onra is a french hip hop producer  ahh see i would do some research for you but at the moment i'm too busy bumping my head to this sorry lol.

(This seems to be the only one i can find at the correct pitch)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

James Blake - CMYK

my GWARD! this man....with his gospel hands.He seems to be doing a lot on the...err..electronic scene??? if you'd call it that. ANYWAY he's the other half of group ''Harmonimix'' who make only what id call ''experimental''. ANYWAY for this track, If you listen carefully this song samples Kelis from '' Caught out there'' track, which is so FUCKING random to sample off, but somehow this muthafucker does it well. Tkae a listen, chilax, and try and count those bloody rhythms he does with his drums!! AMAZING!!!!!! the future!

The Dubstep you never hear of!!

Wooow heres some innovative dub step!! i love the incorporation of the sample and the chords makes it a nice tune to jam to in my ear.
  Who's James blake you ask? This dude was the guy who came out second on the BBC sound of 2011 losing to the new born star Jessie J. Born dept ford this guy now has the platform to get his music in all the right places. His self titled album is due to be released February 7th go support.

Shout out to Pete the newest member to the collective of expressionists!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Wow so some music like this does spawn from the u.k

Neext ting!!! Glitch electronic vibes 4 your ears!!
This duo have given me some more faith in the U.K and this kind of alternative jizz
Not too much info on this guy yet but i will do if requested!!

shout out to clouds of sound!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Holy Jizz...Xperiment

All i can say is wow Jizz away my fellow expressors!

The name of this artist is Xperiment, just emerging it seems. He gained some spot light from going on red bull big tune competition 2010 and going all the way up to the semi-finals. Im also pretty sure this collaboration with b.lewis will launch him a little...

Download: Click Here X

Watch my man daaance!!


Caribou red bull academy lecture

Here is the lecture caribou gave. Not sure what year but im guessing it was before his L.P: Swim!!

This is how i got introduced to him....
Big love Taio x


To live...

I have just joined this group of expressionits, i express my thoughts and feelings in simple words....

"To breathe is to survive, to survive is to live, to live is to understand that the choices you make, shape and define you into ther person that you portray to the eyes around. Choosing what people see and hear is deciding the picture that they paint of you in there minds eye. What you need to understand is that you have the power to adapt, shape,mold and create the image that people see. To understand is to reach your full potential."

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Saviour of funky house/BrokenBeat

Fucking hellll excuse my language but bloody fucking hell!!
This is expressionism to the maaaaxx!!
Jessie ware.
I first came across the lady at novembers monthly Brixton soul jam where she came on and performed a collaboration version with the illersapiens band.
You should have seen me i swear i invited like 5 new skanks 4 my personal skank book.
But no was i prepared to hear the original version of this song.
the producer duo that made this tune is called SBTRK do your research and jump on the wave be4 u get left behind!!

They are calling this future garage what do you think?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Its about bloody time..

I dont know about you guys but i've bin wating for this for a loong time!!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Monday, 10 January 2011

Ahhh if only i could understand Portuguese!

i came across this on a blog i was recommended And boi!!!
all i can say is i would take Portuguese lessons just to be able to fully vibes with this song!!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

What do you call Katy B + A live hip hop band?

The Illersapiens.
Basically the illest band out of the u.k!!
but thats too easy to say let me break it down
Meeting in the brit school the band have been playing together for quite a while now.
What do they sound like?....

This video has actually explained a lot more than i could say!!
But yeah i mentioned Katy B!! Thats right Katy
was and still is a member of this band She played backing vocals for this band before you knew her for her No.1 Hit with Benga on a mission.

Of course now she a lot more busy since shes got her thing popping off. However shes still a member of the Illersapiens as far as i know and iv'e
spotted her there a couple times on a casual tip as well as on stage performing with them!

They do a free monthly event in brixton where they always have a guest performer and an open mic session. So this is also a good place to express yourselves and come out of the shell to a friendly crowd. the next event shall be on Jan 14th
Click the link below to get further information on Bands Event page....
Too me this one of the best places for this kind of hip hop music and vibes and of course you may catch some of the Factory members on the open mic as we are regular pilgrims.
come down for a laugh and a good time hope to see you all there...


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sonic Over±Kill Preview [2+2=22].......

Hey guys i wanted to do this for a little bit but didn't realise it would be sooooo coool.
So heres something to watch whilst you listen to a preview of my new dubstep track....

Feedback would be much appreciated..

I've also Created a Facebook Artists page of which you can follow me there also if blogs aint really your thing.(click the link below)


Monday, 3 January 2011

And i am not ashamed...

Damm i cant i lie i still have a soft spot for this!!

Dont hate

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Check out these new kicks!!!

Rizzle Kicks
This duo hold up a mirror for the teenagers of this generation who just want to have a good time(Yes that was an Oprah Winfrey inspired quote).
Very recently being signed to island records( Same as Tinchy Stryder ) This band now have the viecheal to push the music and expand the found base at a quicker rate, These are Some Kicks to look out for!!
Heres a taster of what this band to offer.