Thursday, 6 January 2011

What do you call Katy B + A live hip hop band?

The Illersapiens.
Basically the illest band out of the u.k!!
but thats too easy to say let me break it down
Meeting in the brit school the band have been playing together for quite a while now.
What do they sound like?....

This video has actually explained a lot more than i could say!!
But yeah i mentioned Katy B!! Thats right Katy
was and still is a member of this band She played backing vocals for this band before you knew her for her No.1 Hit with Benga on a mission.

Of course now she a lot more busy since shes got her thing popping off. However shes still a member of the Illersapiens as far as i know and iv'e
spotted her there a couple times on a casual tip as well as on stage performing with them!

They do a free monthly event in brixton where they always have a guest performer and an open mic session. So this is also a good place to express yourselves and come out of the shell to a friendly crowd. the next event shall be on Jan 14th
Click the link below to get further information on Bands Event page....
Too me this one of the best places for this kind of hip hop music and vibes and of course you may catch some of the Factory members on the open mic as we are regular pilgrims.
come down for a laugh and a good time hope to see you all there...


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