Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Amazing Labrinth

The title of this post came to mind because i can see and feel a superhero persona emerging with every new thing i see of his! Labrinth, if you do not already know is simone cowel's (yes xfactor simone) portege and first no tv show sinign since the last blue moon. Oh but where do you recognise the name labrinth from? Let me refresh your memory!

Lab's Acklonedgment on tv as his name is on the track!

now if you are around as kool as me you will no this brother from before!!

Thats right my fellow koolios we are talking about the same labrinth, the same guy that produced and helped launch master shortie!!

yes thats right Labrinth was the force behind master shorties album A.D.H.D. He produced almost all of the album!

The future of this genius.......certainly a bright one!
jus look at this.........

peace x

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