Friday, 10 September 2010

Enter the Beats which are......Broken

Brokenbeat in my eye is one of the most mis-concieved Genre of music of all time which is why i am going to open you mind and ears to this expremiental ear Candy!!

First lets start with a video explaining a bit of it for you!

"Brokenbeat is music that doesnt comprimise to the norm" I think this is a great description.

I was lucky my friend was one of the first to jump on the house vibe as it evolved to become funkyhouse! and under his influence i seached and downloaded a funky house compilation which i heard another the version!

Wait what! Do i hear you say you recognise that beat fomr somewhere? Yes yes believe me you do!!
let me give you 3 clues!

1.............are you gonna bang
2.............are you gonna bang
3.............are you gonna Bang!!!

So you hear where im going with this!
Mis conception how ever im pretty sure its all in vain! i mean what kind of sick person would want to strip broken beat of the credit it should get.
i mean look at the inspiration it has had on other music.

Well done now new Brokenbeat students you have now acquired the skills needed to identify broken beat music now go enjoy your self and i bid you farwell with this classic anthem!!

(Do not be fooled by the Date this video waas uploaded it is a re-release. It was originaly released in 2003! This was most likely due to the sudden popularity rise of Funky ouse music which bye now you can see is a 1st cousine to broken beat!

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