Friday, 10 September 2010

If its not Broken ...then dont try to fix it!

And If it IS Broken...........................just leave it!
Whilst talkign to a fellow producer today i realised where my inspiration came from for my Cardiac Vision Beat! I was from this master piece produced by 4 Hero and Vocaled by the groovy Lady Alma.
4 Hero is a production duo fresh out of North west london and is recognised by broken beat pilgrims as one of the pioneers of Brokenbeat music as well as DnB!! I would be excited about dieing with that title!
Personaly Brokenbeat is the rythm that my heart beats so it was not a surprise when i uncovered this link between this and my music. The song is taken from 4 heroes album Creating patterns released in 2001!!

Even MJ be getting down to this tune!!

Get down with this electric Remix by Bugz in the Attic!!!

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