Thursday, 9 September 2010

AudioSurf (The new Space invaders)

I Remember hearing about this baby ages ago and for some reason my ears did not comprehend jus how super kool this game is! The basics of it is that you upload a song into the age and as you can see the tracks you surf along move vigerously and softly corresponding to That of the track!! Then you got different ypes of games!
one where you just got to colect blocks and avoid boulders and the other where you have to collect blocks of the same collour and line them up for points!!
But yes as we take in this infomation aboout the game for most of us one thing comes to mind!!

you can buy this game i suggest you do because even with all my pirating ablities i wasnt able to aquire a cracked version :(
This game is avaiable on iphones!!

So i leave you with this question If this game catches on could it be the space invaders of our time?

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