Friday, 15 July 2011

Jai Paul New Song!!!!!!!!!

Ok this guy, or legend should i say..
I mean.. 
all of this guys buzz has come of from one song!!!!
and wait..
It was a demo..
If you haven't heard it yet then you have been living in a hole!! 
+ His buzz has bin given a re up thanks to drake song Dreams money can buy..
Honeslty i didn't think it did the sample justice but its kool a nice take..
OK but back to why i'm doing this post..
i came across this new song..
wait what..
Well i should say new preview of a song!!.
This guy is a real prick tease if he purposefully released this..
I really don't know how this guys does it..
why i now really love this guys is his sound is soooo authentic..
Which is why i am 99% positive this is a Real Jai paul song and not some douche bag..
I think its his drums and the synths he uses that writes his signature on his tracks..
The sample used in this took me back and i had to sit for a while to figure out it is this tune..
Real nice sampling here
Hailing From North london harrow..
This dude has now bin signed to XL Records..
So we can be expecting A full length and wiedly-spread album..
I can wait..
I hear whispers of it dropping this year!!!!!
You can expect me at this dudes first live show :)

If you haven't heard the song yet you should kill yourself while listening to it..

P.S ( literally discovered this just now..
XL have re released the song Re-edited and re-mastered..
I think the need to re-think it..

Warning the next  paragraph is gonna be all Producer talk:
Firstly They have Equed out the high end of the kick drums or simply replaced it with a kick with less high and and more sub..
They have also removed some of the mid frequencies of the Clap!!
yes i know you want to clean up with mix but you are playing about wiht the very thing that really gives jai paul his sound!!!
i mean look at crystal castles doe deer yes the mix is fuucked up but thats what gives it its edge and unique sound..
not all of the vocals need to be heard all the time..
You don't want to mix down Jai paul the way you would mix down adele!?!
Further more they have put the main synths on a weight loss program and taken out some of the them lower mid frequencies leaving the higher and the Sub low frequencies..
There is alot of sidechain action going on which i usually love..
but not here.. 
If i was given the task to master this i think all i'd really do is merge the kick drums together to sound more like one then throw my hands up..

I personally think that Jai paul should send the song to be mixed and mastered by Alpha pups Daddy Kev..
Daddy Kev has mastered music for Flying lotus, Nosaj Thing and is part of the Low end theory movement so hes much more for the job as he has the right mind..

This is my opinion at this current time which is subject to change..
+ knowing my self when i hear a track one way and get used to it i usually don't find the second version appealing at first..
but yeah what do you think guys..
( i think i'm officially Jai Paul's Number 1 fan for this post lol)

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