Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Feeling Mandy Radio X 2+2=22Vol.2 Album feature..

Back story:
Whilst in the midst of promoting my new e.p every where i started watching the immense ninja tune take over at the boiler room whilst sipping of fine english tea and i couldn't help but notice a guy who's face kept popping up at the front of the crowd having the ball that the rest of the crowd should be.

Later in to the ninja tune session (Bonobo) was doing now. i was just roaming through Facebook (i don't know how or why i do this) and i notice this guys page that looks exactly like the guy i just saw. This gave me a little chuckle and then i was going to move on but then i thought why not add a fellow lover of similar music and so i did.

A couple days later i get a message from him saying " i never knew you were from london, I'm proud".
I knew he obviously knew i was D'Vo because i had my new e.p as my profile picture but i was not expecting to meet someone who knows me like this. He then tells me how my music has been featured his radio show a a few times!! I asked him about my new release, he said he had just heard it 20 minutes ago
and it will be featuring in his next show.
And voila here it is..

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Click Here To visit his Tumblr Page where you can keep updated with him and his shows..
Big thanks Adoki for the love and support..

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