Saturday, 6 August 2011

Machine Drum|| Room(s)..

Wow i just had to share this with you guys..
Apparently this dude has bin making music (Releasing albums) for about a decade!!!..
I feel you can hear that in this album with the way he mashes up and fuses sounds..
He also changes his sound quite frequently..
His last LP was more hip hop/soul/funk based and featured people like Melo X and Jesse Boykins III!
I personally did not like it as much as this..
Maybe im blooming into an IDM head because i really want to dance on top of a sub woofer to this..

Good Daaam do you hear that sub-bassline..
With a big sub you are gonna feel like you are on a roller coaster with this song!..

Can some one please help me figure out where this repeated vocal sample is from?..
Im pretty sure it is Sampa's voice being sampled but i just cant figure out what song!! :@..

Here is some of his previous albums stuff..


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